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Frequently asked questions.

Q When can I start?
A We're always looking for great talent, so depending on what you are being hired for we typically start filming within a month from your application date - and sometimes sooner.

Q How old do I have to be?
A The minimum age requirement is 18 years of age; however, we typically hire people aged 19 and above.

Q What do I have to look like?
A You have to look like you! We have no prerequisites for your appearance, other then you being happy, healthy and open minded.

Q Where do we film?
A That depends on what you'd like to do - remember, your comfort comes first! We rent studios, condos, private residences and more. We will also film at your location if that is the most convenient and comfortable for you.

Q How much and when do I get paid?
A Payment is based on a sliding scale and completely depends on the work involved. This is thoroughly disclosed PRIOR to you working with us - nothing is left up in the air. You are paid the day we do your shoots, so make sure you bring your government approved identification and have signed the model release we provide, and you'll be all set!

Q After working with you, will I be able to use you as a reference?
A We're big supporters of the adult entertainment industry, and support the personal growth of models aspiring to make this a profession. We will be more than happy to provide you with a reference and/or recommendation, as well as referrals to other sources of work.

Q Can I work with my boyfriend or girlfriend or friend?
A Absolutely! We love allowing couples/friends to work together and to enjoy this experience - and again, remember that whatever makes YOU comfortable makes US happy!

Q Can I bring a friend to the shoot?
A Not only can you bring a friend to your shoot: chaperones are encouraged to help produce the material! It keeps the day fun and enjoyable.

Q I have a friend I'd like to refer - do you have a referral fee?
A We pay $100 and our great thanks for each referral you send us. If you're referring someone to work with us, we know you've enjoyed our company, and that's fantastic!

Q What if people recognize me?
A You can be as private as you want to be - we do not share your real name or location with anyone and we assign you a stage name and alternative personality. Please keep in mind that while we will do our utmost to ensure your privacy, some of the onus is on you to ensure that you keep your own privacy in mind as well.

Q What kind of equipment do you use?
A We work with the latest GOPRO cameras, HDV Sony video cameras, Canon SLRs, and even cell phone cameras! We are quite diverse in how we capture things, as each shoot requires a different look and feel, depending on what we're trying to convey.

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