We are looking for new talent. We welcome people of all shapes, sizes and looks - there is something for all. Apply today and let us place you in the spotlight!

Our unique approach.

We want you to have a fun experience working with us - your enjoyment is our success as much as yours! Choose HOW you work with us - we have several options for you to consider. We want you to work within your comfort level, and the ability to choose your own production style is something unique to Adult Help Wanted. Remember: we shoot where YOU want - you can film in the comfort of your own home, our studio environments, or other select locations.

1) Self shot.

Be the producer! Using your own equipment and location, film things for us! Be creative and expressive! We will provide you a general guideline of what we need and any mentoring you need online.

2) Self guided / assisted.

So you want to be part of a production, but you'd be more comfortable with someone you know filming you? No problem! Your partner/friend/girlfriend/boyfriend can be part of the experience. We travel to your location and set up the equipment, then provide you with a tutorial and a guideline for production. This is an excellent choice if you don't have your own equipment and think it would be fun to work with your own friends/partners.

3) Fully produced.

We keep our production teams light, using just one videographer and a photographer. Typically our videographer also doubles as the producer to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you know exactly what is expected.

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Ready to join the team? We can't wait to meet you and are looking forward to moving forward. Please review our current opportunities and also apply online.

Language Preference

Select your desired language: English or French

Professional and creative.

Pick your own hours - you are the star

Set your own limits, work within them

Get paid the day of the shoot

Work with us to produce a creative, fun shoot

Safety and peace of mind is our #1 concern

Smile, have fun, enjoy your experience!

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